This ham from the south of the Limburg province ages for at least 1 year in the Geulhemmer caves. This ham has a specific flavour because of the ageing fungi in the humid cave. A beautiful ham of Dutch origin! (approx 4.5kg)



A cheese from days gone by, made in Gerkesklooster. The curdling of the milk at the start of cheese production is done by an old-fashioned method. Carrot and beet juice are used to colour the cheese. The cheese is put in brine for a much shorter time than usual for ordinary cheese. Because of this,…

Kalamata Olijven

Kalamata Olives

This olive originates from the Kalamata region in the south of Greece. The olive has a cone shape and an dark purple-black colour. The flavour is intense, with a soft, fruity after-taste. Packing: 2.5kg bags.

Roomboter Rollen Fleur de Sel

Cream butter rolls Fleur de Sel

This cream butter from the Ardennes contains Fleur de Sel sea salt from the Guérande, a marsh area in Brittany. This salt has a guaranteed purity and is renowned for its incomparable flavour. Available in 250gr and 500gr rolls.